Monday, August 07, 2006
Woe is the injured one

I've injured myself and I don't even have a great story for it. Blah!

Saturday morning, a few friends and I gathered at Madison Beach for swimming and running. I was feeling fiesty and played shark more than I actually swam and that was fun. The swim was great! The run, not so much. We pounded the pavement towards the turn off point and Carrie's boyfriend was getting ready to push us. We had only run for about 5 minutes when BAM! I tripped on a sidewalk edge and completely landed on my knee. It's not pretty and quite swollen. Carrie, Kevin and Meg were all fantastic and rushed to my aid. Kevin poured water over the wound when I would barely drip water on it. It hurt but that gravel needed out. Meg ran for ice and Carrie made noises over the blood, all the blood!

They helped me back to the car and I drove home to administer to my wounds. I'd show pictures but this is a family blog and the knee is nasty looking! To top it off, I work at a local winery during the summer and there was a two day music festival going on. Yep, that meant two 10 hour days with a busted knee!

I did have the on-site medics take a look at my knee and they re-bandaged me up while providing advice. They said that I have a second degree asphalt burn and all I can say is that this thing need to heal as I have the Danskin Triathlon in 13 days! AND I'm doing it even if I have to crawl!

So I'm taking the next few nights off from training and resting the knee. This means more knitting time! See there is a bright side to all of this!

PS I just noticed that my magic yarn ball is on its way! Yippee!
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