Thursday, August 31, 2006
My Dog BFF!

Last night I moved in with my Dog Best Friend, Zubin. For the next 24 days, we will be playing in Seattle while his parents travel to Italy, France and England.

We started last night off with a rousing game of Squirrelie and Begging for Treats. I encouraged the Squirrelie time but stopped the treat time after the ONE treat I was instructed I could give him (See Julia -- sometimes I listen!).

I'm already excited for all the adventures we are going to have -- walks around Greenlake, relaxing in the backyard, trips to Discovery Park, oh there is so much we will do!

I know Zubin is excited because this morning he was on a Squirrel hunt. It brought a smile to my face.

Julia and Eric -- I do think Zubin was missing you last night though. He headed to the stairs and waited patiently at the top while watching the front door. Soon though he'll forget that he misses you because we'll be having so much fun!
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