Friday, September 15, 2006
Dogs and Knitting

Zubin often helps me with my knitting in the only way a dog can. He puts his head over my knitting and looks up at me with a look that asks, “Why are you holding YARN when you could be petting ME?”

My response is to cover him in my knitting.

His response is to ignore me and look for squirrels.

Once we both tire of this game, Zubin usually heads over to his special place in the kitchen where he sits and waits for treats that will never come because he ALREADY HAD HIS ONE TREAT TODAY!

Last night, after ignoring him (since he already had his treat), I dug through my knitting bag and brought out another WIP.

I’ve started back work on my Jelly Bean Pillow. I’m about half way through the Polka Dots.

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