Thursday, September 07, 2006
Running my heart out

This is week two of my new training program for the Seattle Half Marathon. I'm in pain but I am seeing improvement with each and every run.

Since I fell a few weeks before the Danskin Triathlon, my right leg has been stiff and achey. I'm seeing a massage therapist next week in hopes of improving the stiff-ness.

Luckily my training partner, Dog BFF Zubin has been there along the way to help me train. He makes me run when I don't want to, keeps me going by running sideways, and encourages me by continuing on when he would much rather chase the squirrelies.

I am continuing on even though the last two weeks have been hard and a bit stiff because I know it will get better because it must get better.

So here is to continuing the running and good training!
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