Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Labor Daying

Oh I love the Four-Day Weekend! It's like a mini-break in the middle of stressful times.

The best part of the Four-Day Weekend is that I have nothing to show for my efforts because I didn't really do anything.

Friday was spent cleaning my bedroom, visiting the storage unit and tormenting Zubin by making him play outside which he does very poorly.

Instead he just stands at the door watching me and wanting me to go outside with him.

I imagine him yelling, "Minion! Come out here and entertain me!" if only he could speak.

That night I did take him for a car ride so I could get my car washed. I think he enjoyed it. He paced a lot!

For Julia in particular

On Saturday I took my Mum for a pedicure (which didn't turn out and the place is so getting a letter!) and a wonderful lunch at the Queen Mary Tea Room (which was delicious and I was so stuffed!). I already want to go back to the Queen Mary. It was that good! Then I worked the Leahy concert which was interesting to say the least!

Sunday was my LSD Run day. Zubin and I ran from his house, around Greenlake and back where we quenched our thirst with lots of water. OK actually Zubin drank ALL of my water on the run and then additional water that I got for him which left me very thirsty since I didn't get any water but hey the dog needed it. Zubin was a super trooper on the run and continued to run around the house when we got home. I think I run too slow for him! After resting up, I headed out to work another concert and arrived home quite tired. I am happy though, it was the last concert of the season! Whoo-hoo!

Monday was spent grocery shopping, visiting my parents and knitting which leads me to this question. Doesn't this sleeve look HUGE?

Anyone else knit the Hourglass Sweater and were your sleeves huge?

Let me know!
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