Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eight Weeks with Chicken Nugget


This week has been huge for Maggie! She rolled over; mainly using her big head and gravity to make it happen and she started cooing at us. She gets so excited when I come back from being away, even if I just went to the kitchen. Maggie is usually full of smiles. She was so unhappy on Friday night though and we felt just terrible for her. Nothing seemed to make her happy so I held her and rubbed her back while she fussed and cried.

We had a big week of fun playdates and even a visit to Grandma's house. Maggie had a fun playdate with her friend, Vivianne on Friday while the big sisters played (or actually fought over plastic ice cream cones as 2-year-olds seem to do). The babies spent their time cooing at each other and making eyes at the activity mat toys. I've been thinking about how I worked hard to find playmates for Molly and that I'll need to do the same for Maggie so that she isn't always trailing along behind her big sister and her friends.

Maggie, Full of Joy

Maggie went to her first Madrona Fiber Arts Festival on Saturday. She was a good little yarn partner and slept most of the time we were gone. I loved carrying Maggie around in the Beco Gemini and feeling her breathing against my chest. I treasure these sweet moments.


We also had many fun moments with Molly and Maggie. We went to Golden Gardens and the tot gym. I walked home with both girls in the stroller for the first time. I foresee many, many walks with the stroller once the weather gets nicer. I'm looking forward to walking Greenlake with both girls. I hope Molly stays in the stroller and that Maggie enjoys the ride. 
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