Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Months with Mag-Pie

Dear Maggie,

It was just over two months ago that I fell out of bed with contractions and before I knew it was in the hospital, holding you tight in my arms. It has been a wild and delightful time getting to know you and bringing you into our family. 

You are a pretty, easy-going baby unless I take too long to feed you. You have pretty much decided that you do not want to breastfeed which is very disappointing to me. I pump breastmilk for you which means you are getting about 80% breastmilk with 20% supplementation of formula. I am going to try to pump until you are at least 6 months old (assuming that I keep making milk based on my own issues). I try a few times a day to entice you to breastfeed but you decline each and every time. Luckily for you, there are bottles! 

You have started cooing and smiling so much these past few weeks. We love seeing your little grin! You've also rolled over a few times but I think most of that has to do with the weight of your big noggin and little to do with your actual abilities. You are also an epic sleeper. You usually go to sleep around 8 pm and sleep until midnight when I wake you to eat. Then you will sleep until 7 a.m. the next morning or sometimes wake up around 4 a.m. for more food. I am thankful for your awesome sleep and I will enjoy it while it lasts because I know the sleep gods can giveth and they can taketh! 

Your sister, Molly loves holding you and calls you BABY! She has been experiencing some jealousy but it is hard to go from being an only child to being the oldest child. We're sure she'll get over it and the two of you will bond together to give us even more grey hair. 

Our dear friends, Danny and Margaret took some newborn shots of you this past weekend. We were a bit behind the ball arranging for the shots so they are of you at almost two months but they are all so cute! I used all of them in this letter to you but there are many, many more cute ones! 

Maggie, We feel so lucky to have you in our family! You have completed our little family with your infectious smile and easy-going ways. We love you Mag-Pie! 

Stats at 2 Months
Weight: 12 lbs 14 oz
Height: 23 1/2 inches
Head Size: 15 3/4 inches
Vaccinations: All of them! You did not like them at all. 
Likes: Sleeping, Sister Molly, Being Worn in the Beco Gemini, the ceiling light in the Den
Dislikes: Boobs, Being Hungry, Poopy Diapers
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