Sunday, March 09, 2014

Eleven Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 11 weeks

Last week was our first week without Scott at home during the day and let me tell you, it was ROUGH! There was more yelling, crying and upset-ness in the house than the previous weeks. The good news is that we made it though and as the week went on, things definitely improved.


Maggie was her usual calm self as I dealt with Molly and some behavioral issues. Molly also decided not to nap last week so Maggie and I missed out on our afternoon snuggles. Friday night we fell asleep on the couch together and I think we needed it. Scott said we were both out and looked so happy curled up together. I know I woke up feeling super refreshed. Maggie has continued her great sleeping habits for which I am super thankful.


Maggie is getting stronger and I sense the days of the bobble head will soon be behind us. She's taking so much in and getting more forceful about her desires. She's been drooling a lot more and has started grasping at her Wubbanub. Maggie also had her first dentist visit as my crown fell off and had to be replaced. I had a friend watch Molly but took Maggie to the dentist with me. Everyone came over to coo at her. It was adorable and she was well behaved as I had my tooth fixed.


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