Saturday, March 01, 2014

March Madness


Scott goes back to work on Monday. We've been lucky to have him home on Paternity Leave since Maggie was born back in December. I'm both excited for a return to my SAHM routine and completely freaked out about being home with two little girls. I'm also a little worried that Molly will feel neglected since my attention will be divided.


To help combat the potential Molly anguish (and Mommy melt-down), I've decided to do Mongrain March Madness starting today, March 1st. I have 16 activities (one for each day) to occupy ourselves until our routine becomes well more routine. 


2. Make a Cloud
3. Make St. Patrick's Day cards
4. Bake Muffins
5. Visit the Zoo
6. Visit Play Date Seattle and have lunch with Dad
7. Go on a hike at Carkeek Park
9. Go to the Aquarium 
10. Visit Discovery Park
11. Blow Bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk
14. Pedicure with Mommy
15. Walk Greenlake
16. Get donuts

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