Saturday, March 01, 2014

Ten Weeks with Chicken Nugget


The big news this week is that Maggie decided to breastfeed! She's still not 100% at it but there is slow improvement after two weeks of refusing to breastfeed at all. Hooray!


It was also a nice weather week around here which allowed us to go on a bunch of family walks. This was good since Molly had Hand, Food and Mouth. Maggie's thrush also came back so we've moved onto a stronger medication. Hopefully, this eradicates it because poor Maggie doesn't look comfortable. 


Maggie had her first visit to one of my favorite parks, Discovery Park for a quick hike. We wanted to wear Molly out while also taking in the park. It worked out perfectly even though Maggie wasn't too big a fan of being out in the cold weather (though she was bundled up!). 

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