Friday, March 21, 2014

Three Months with Mag-Pie



Three months! I swear time is flying by with you. You are the sweetest, calmest baby unless I take too long to feed you and then there is hell to be paid. I was looking back at your sister's 3 month letter and marveling at the similarities and differences. Like your sister, you are a pretty good sleeper and just like Molly, you are rolling from back to front. You also hate tummy time, just like your sister. But there are so many differences between the two of you. You observe so much more than she does. Molly likes to get into the action and create a ruckus. You like to watch the fun (and that might change). You don't mind sleeping in the co-sleeper whereas your sister much preferred sleeping in our bed (heck, she still does). 

Another difference is I am now exclusively pumping. You never quite got a hang of breastfeeding but are doing great with bottles. It can be a struggle when you are crying for milk and I am busy pumping that milk but most of the time, it works out just fine. Today we are halfway to my 6 month pumping goal and I'm feeling good about it. 


You are a giggly little girl. You think your sister is hilarious and love it when I kiss you on the neck. You have been a good little camper about going along on your sister and I's adventures. You usually just ride in the back on the stroller or hitch a ride on me in the carrier. 


This week and last week you participated in an Infant Hearing Study at the UW. They were testing to see how 3 month olds reacted to sounds by watching their eye darts. It was a fun little outing for all of us and you made $30! I'm putting that away for you to use later. 


You love sitting up and get so excited when we stand you up. It is going to be interesting to see how soon you can sit up on your own and when you'll start crawling. The gloves will be off when you get mobile and nothing will be safe. 

We love you so much Maggie. I was just looking at you today and got a little teary. Sometimes I just can't believe that we made you. I thought I always wanted a boy and a girl so I was surprised when they said you were a girl but now, now I just can't imagine having anyone but you in my life. It's an amazing thing having you in our lives, sweet Mag-Pie. 

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