Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fourteen Weeks with Chicken Nugget


This week, Maggie has really gotten great control over her neck and is showing off her rolling skills as soon as we put her down for tummy time. Molly keeps trying to have crawl races with Maggie so maybe that will encourage her to crawl early (NO! I'm not ready!).


It was a good low-key week. We visited my college roommate on Thursday and her niece practically squealed over Maggie. I weaned off domperidone without any dip in my supply for which Maggie is happy. I started putting Maggie to bed in her co-sleeper (in our room) when we put Molly down for the night. Then Scott and I have a few hours sans kids before we head to bed. I think Maggie sleeps better when things are quiet.


On Monday, I put together the garden boxes for our veggie garden this summer as Maggie looked on from her car seat. She was so interested in all the activity. I showed her some weeds and let her touch the dirt. Molly 'helped' by flinging dirt around and poking Maggie. Luckily Maggie is pretty chill and wasn't too upset by her sister's unwanted attention.


Maggie likes to sit up but can't quite do it on her own. Whenever I lie her down in her Bobby Lounger, she starts doing baby crunches in an attempt to sit up on her own. She makes me laugh. I suspect that it won't be long until she is sitting up unassisted. Maggie is growing big and strong so rapidly! I feel like I blink and she's doing something new and amazing.
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