Thursday, May 22, 2014

Five Months with Mag-Pie



You are five months old and so big! Right now you are sitting next to me, yelling. I can't tell if you are unhappy or just exercising your voice. You smile every time I talk to you so I suspect you are just testing your lungs. You have so much to say these days.


You are sitting up now but not rolling from back to front. You just lie there, refusing to roll over. You do like it when your sister rolls you over. Sometimes you even roll from front to back but only under extreme duress. I guess you have a thing against rolling.


In the past week, you discovered the cat and laughing at your sister. You love petting Kato and he loves being petted. He is so desperate for love he just sits there as you pull his fur and smack at him. I've heard him purr while you do it.


You are still rocking the sleep which is amazing. You are an early bird though who likes getting up at 5:30 a.m. *Yawn* You are in a family of night owls so it's a bit rough for us. I've been adjusting by going to bed earlier and enjoying our time together in the morning. You awoke with the sun this morning and when I showed you that the sun was rising, you laughed at me. LAUGHED! It is as if you know that you get up at the crack of dawn. 


I'm looking forward to introducing you to solid food in the coming month and to see you start to wiggle even more. I still love sniffing your little baby head and cuddling with you when I can. You are just the sweetest baby! We love you Mag-Pie.

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