Thursday, May 08, 2014

Maven Meals


When I was pregnant with Maggie, my friends sent me a gift certificate to use with Maven Meals. I admit that I may have cried when I opened their email. I blame the hormones.


A few weeks after having Maggie, I decided to take the plunge and order my first Maven Meal.  I had heard about the company from another friend who uses them a lot. After ordering from them a few times, I completely understand why she loves this service.


The food is fresh, healthy and most importantly delicious! I'm pretty sure that I don't make food that tastes as good as the dishes from Maven Meals.


Here's how it works: You order whatever you want from the weekly menu by Midnight on Sunday. Then on your delivery day (I live in Ballard so my day is Tuesday), your food is dropped off on your doorstep. The containers are labeled with how long you need to heat the cook (some dishes require some cooking but it is minimal) and how long the food will last in your fridge. All of this is also on the website so there are no surprises when the food arrives.


I'm personally addicted to the Breakfast Cookies. They are full of tasty goodness and are a great meal when you are trying to eat quickly before the children wake and take away the morning bliss. Some of the other delicious dishes we've tried are Seafood Curry, Chicken and Wild Rice Salad, Granola and Lamb Meatloaf. All of the dishes have been fantastic but the granola is simply amazing!


The dishes range in cost from $2.00 to $10.95 per serving. Yes, you could certainly make all of the food cheaper yourself but then you'd have to make the food yourself. Sometimes it is just nice to have healthy, homemade food already prepared for you.




I was not compensated for this review. These are my personal opinions and thoughts. 
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