Monday, May 12, 2014

Twenty Weeks with Chicken Nugget


This week was way calmer than the week before. We spent a lot of time outside. I had some dirt delivered and I spent a lot of time hauling it to the appropriate places in our yard. Maggie spent a lot of time perfecting her sitting up skills. She can allllllmost sit up all on her own. She's still a bit bobble-heady though so she gets off balance. I've been making a conscious effort to give her tummy time every day which does not please Maggie. This just means that she is getting even better at rolling from front to back! 


Maggie is also showing me what all the sleep experts mean when they say to put a baby down when they are sleepy but not asleep. These experts must have all had easy babies because Molly never ever went to sleep on her own if I put her in her crib sleepy. Maggie, on the other hand, sighs and goes to sleep! 


I've recovered from the mastitis but my supply is definitely down. I've been working to get it back up but I have to say both Maggie and I are grateful for formula. It's been a little less pressure on me which is good right now. I'm still pumping a lot and eating oatmeal by the bowlful to get my supply back up but I know Maggie is happy because her belly is full. 

Maggie has started to get super excited over her Sophie doll and I hear squeak, squeak, squeak from the backseat as I drive around town. She chews on that thing constantly. It's adorable. I'll need to start bringing out the other baby toys soon!
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