Monday, May 26, 2014

Twenty Two Weeks with Chicken Nugget

Maggie - 22 weeks

Maggie went on her first road trip this week and she was a champ! She hung out in the back seat and slept most of the time. This kid can really sleep!  We went to Orcas Island (look for that post next!) and missed the ferry by 5 cars. Maggie was not bothered by the wait. 


Maggie had her first taste of solid food (a peach) while we waited for the next ferry. She kept grabbing my hand and bringing the peach to her lips. I decided to let her lick it and she was thrilled! I doubt she got any food but she had a great time mangling that peach. 


Maggie also had her first trip to Ikea this week. I wore her in the carrier around the store and then had to put her in the cart once we got to the warehouse so I could get our stuff onto the cart. She held onto the cart with the tightest grip ever. It was like she was holding on for dear life. 


Maggie discovered her feet and now wakes up, starts to giggle and grabs her feet. She loves rolling around on her back with her feet in her mouth. It's amazing how flexible babies are. This position of hers reminds me of her ultrasound photos. She was always bent in half with her feet near her head. 


Maggie is getting so big but still likes to snuggle with me. Maggie also had her first visit to her future co-op preschool (it was a big week of firsts). We had Pajama Night at Molly's school and Maggie came along. Molly loved showing her sister off to her friends and Maggie enjoyed circle time with all the songs. 


It was a busy, busy, busy week but it was one filled with so much fun. Maggie had a lot of firsts and a lot of fun.
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