Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Little Fishy Swimmers


Molly and Maggie are little fishes who love to swim, swim, swim. I started both of them in swim lessons when they were about 6 months old. Those lessons entailed a lot of singing and clinging to me but since I believe swimming is an essential life skill, I kept re-enrolling them in classes. There was a brief stint when Molly refused to go in the water and we spent two weeks sitting by the pool, every single day for 30 minutes. She gets her stubborn from me and while neither one of us won that battle, she eventually went back into the water.


They quickly fell in love with the water and have solidly advanced their swim skills. Molly can almost swim across the wide part of the pool on her own and Maggie thinks that she is a pro swimmer. It's been fun watching them grow in their swim abilities. They often ask to go swimming and so this summer when I was offered free swim lessons with SafeSplash Swim School, I quickly said yes even though the girls were already enrolled in another set of lessons. This meant that some days were double swim lesson day and the girls loved it!


SafeSplash Swim Schools are held in various locations around the country and the one closest to me was hosted at the Lynnwood LA Fitness. Unfortunately this is 45 minute drive from our house which was not so awesome. However the lessons were AWESOME! Maggie was in a class by herself while Molly had 2-3 other students in her class but still received a lot of personal attention. Molly was so excited that her teacher and I shared the same name and kept popping her head out of the water to tell me about this fun fact.


Maggie was a bit apprehensive about her teacher at first. She doesn't do great with male teachers and well she had a male teacher. The manager and her teacher had some tricks up their sleeves though and enticed her into the water with toys. She cracked me up. She had a great time and learned some wonderful skills for about 20 minutes and then remembered that she wasn't sure about her teacher. She got out of the water and kept giving him grumpy looks.

#100daysofsummer means double swim lessons for the girls!

Molly leapt into the water for each of her lessons while Maggie was more hit or miss. She got in the water for all the lessons but had to be convinced a few times. This is around the same age that Molly was unsure about swim lessons with male instructors too.


You can tell from this video that they loved their lessons! The SafeSplash Swim School provides a quality swim lesson for a great price. You can join at any time and go for as long or as little as you like. They do lessons by the month and prices vary by location. The ones in Lynnwood are $65 a month for once a week lessons. I know we'll be back even with the dreaded 45 minute drive. I'd love some SafeSplash Swim School locations closer to me in Seattle. I lobbied hard with the swim manager for the LA Fitness location just down the road from me. 

Interested in trying out a SafeSplash Swim School session? Find out more on their web page at https://www.safesplash.com/, most locations offer a free initial lesson. 

Disclosure: I was provided with 4 free swim lessons for my children in exchange for a review of SafeSplash Swim School. Thank you for your support! 
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