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Week in Review - 7.2.16


I've been a writing machine this week which means the dining room table where I do most of my work is piled high with papers and packages. We're in danger of not being able to eat at the table so my first order of business this weekend is to clear the table!



Exercise was good this week. I did three days of bootcamp and two days of barre3. I was so tired on Friday that I did not put all my effort into working out BUT I did show up and that was actually more than I thought I'd be able to accomplish on Friday. We're going on vacation soon so I've been collecting good boot camp workouts that don't require many props so I can keep getting my workouts in while away from the gym.

Molly and I took a Mama and Me barre class together on Sunday. She was hilariously not into it and spent most of the 30 minutes hanging from the bar and ignoring my whispered threats.

I've also officially lost 15 pounds since the end of April which thrills me to no end. It is all due to way better eating and adding in boot camp. I was feeling a bit downtrodden earlier in the week because even though I was putting in the effort, the scale was not budging. Then yesterday, I magically dropped 4 pounds. Umm, ok? I reweighed myself a few times and the scale kept saying the same thing so I'm going with it. Looks like consistency does eventually pay off.



In this week's grocery delivery, I made sure to throw in some pre-packaged salads. They are such a great base for a good lunch. I added a bunch of veggies and some cheese to round them out.



I decided to try out a new meal prep service (a la Blue Apron) this week and got my first delivery of Marley Spoon. The meals were delicious and fresh but not that exciting. Scott said he really liked them though and helped me make one of the meals.


I also had some Puget Sound Kombucha delivered to my house. They were offering free delivery for a six-pack and I love their drink so I hit purchase way too fast. I'm also a sucker for everything being delivered to my house.


The Girls

This was the girls last week of daily swim lessons until August. While we all love swimming, I think the break will be good for them.

We had our first afternoon with a Mother's Helper and the girls cried when she went home. I almost cried too. She played with the girls for a solid three hours and said she had a blast. I got so much work done and can't wait to have her back this coming week.


Other Goings On

I went to my first Seattle Silent Book Club and it was awesome. We met at Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream which I will admit was a bit of a pain to get to but so worth it. I ended up reading half of "My Name is Lucy Barton" while at the book club and then came home and finished the book. I never have time for that anymore and it was fantastic!


I also fell hard for the Book of the Month club and joined them a few weeks ago. My first shipment arrived this week and I can't wait to dive into these books! 


The girls and I volunteered at Mary's Place on Friday and it was great! I brought some snacks since we were volunteering in the kid's club. I decided to throw in a bag of apples because I figured that the kids usually get more shelf stable snacks and they were a hit. It was nice to see some kids really enjoying their snacks. My girls said they had a great time and were exhausted playing with the other kids. It was super chaotic because of summer break and I needed a nap afterwards (not that I got one). 

I'll leave you with our June in One Second Clips! 

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