Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week In Review 7.23.16


We're traveling again this week so it's been another week of adventure, fun and lots of California sunshine! Scott had a business trip so the girls and I decided to tag along with him. And after having a week of him 24/7, I'm glad we did because the girls miss him every morning when he leaves but are so excited to see him when he returns.

5:44 am I'm Classpassing a barre3 Los Altos class. I'm keeping up my activity while on vacation. #adayinthelifechallenge


We may been traveling again this week but I still made a huge point to get exercise in! Sunday I went to the new barre3 Ballard location which was great! It was such a hard workout. Monday was a boot camp class that I almost crawled out of. I'm a bit scared for next week when I'm back to my usual boot camp schedule. Tuesday was a day of travel which left my body sore. Wednesday and Thursday, I got up and attended barre3 Los Altos at 6 a.m. It was fun to do barre3 in a different location and still hard work! I decided to skip Friday's workout as I was tired from driving into San Francisco the day before.

10:35 am Shopping at Whole Foods for essentials for the week. #adayinthelifephotochallenge


We ate out a lot this week but I did my best to order good, healthy food. Our room has had a kitchen so I was able to head to Whole Foods on Wednesday to load up on some good healthy food. There were some quintessential meals, like In-n-Out Burger one night and Blue Bottle Coffee when I was at the Ferry Building.  I am looking forward to getting back to home cooking and Big Ass Salads for lunch.


#100daysofsummer to losing her first tooth. *sniff* My first baby is growing up!

The Girls 

For the past two weeks, Molly has been wiggling her bottom front tooth. It's way too early to lose a tooth but well she did! It fell out after we went swimming. She was running away from me as I was trying to dry her off. I attacked her face with the towel and when I pulled it away, she was crying and there was blood everywhere. EEK! I noticed her tooth was missing and we started searching the ground for it. It is so little that it took awhile to find. I got her all cleaned up and she was so excited about her new toothless grin. Seriously excited and quickly forgave me for my towel attack.


Otherwise the girls have been busy having grand adventures and swimming everyday in the hotel pool. I took them into San Francisco on Thursday and we had a grand adventure. They also had a great time at Happy Hollow in San Jose on Wednesday after having lunch with a friend at Apple.


Other Goings On 

We've been having so much fun with our California adventure. The girls and I took a plane trip on Tuesday without Scott and I'll be reporting on that later. It went really well though.

I did my third Photo in the Life Challenge on Wednesday and had a great time! You can see my photo set here.
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