Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week in Review - 7.30.16

We've been home for a week and I feel like we are just settling back in. The girl's sleep has been horrendous and all of my friends have had to suffer through my miserable texting about it. Fingers crossed that it improves next week. Otherwise I might slowly go insane.



I wanted to dive back into exercise this week but I kinda just slid back in. I did three boot camps which were really hard after only doing two in the last two weeks. It felt good to get my groove back on though! I was supposed to go to barre3 on Thursday but when I went to bed on Wednesday, I knew I'd be just too tired to go so I cancelled.

I, however, did hit up Inspire Ballard this morning for their Beginner class. It was still amazingly hard. There were planks on the reformer machine and I tried not to cry along with my wiggly abs. I'll be back though because there is seriously room for improvement. I do feel like the Beginner class is so my level right now. I'm not ready for more. I also discovered today that ClassPass has SUP Yoga classes which I am really interested in.


I had both Blue Apron and Marley and Spoon delivered this week so I've been cooking from meal delivery services all week. I like both of them but two at the same time was a bit much. Marley and Spoon had this Peach Chicken Salad that was so good that I plan to add it to my lunch meal plan.


I also posted a recipe this week for Pesto Potato Salad with Roasted Tomatoes. It is seriously good! I plan to start posting recipes more often so if you have any requests, send them my way! I'm definitely thinking about the girl's snacking and how to make that healthier.

The Girls

The girls visited the dentist this week. We went to a new one and while I was ok with their old one, I LOVE their new one. It's closer and the dentist and her staff are amazingly awesome! Molly also lost a second tooth this week so she's keeping the Tooth Fairy busy. There was some drama with the second tooth though. It was literally hanging there for almost a day and she would not let me pull it (or should I say gently tug on it). She finally let me and I barely touched it before it was out.

UntitledWe attended Scott's work picnic on Friday and the girls had so much fun! There were balloon artists, face painting and delicious food. The only downside was that it was 88 degrees and in the direct sun. This Seattleite does not do well in the bright sun! The girls passed out on the ride home as I downed a ton of water. #100daysofsummer to Silent Book Party Reading!

Other Goings On

I went to another meeting of the Silent Book Reading Party and loved it! I finished up two books and got a good start on a third. I had about 10 pages in the first two left so don't be thinking that I was speed reading.


My Mighty Fix came and I got some e-cloth window cleaning cloths which I'm excited about. I love e-cloth and their window cleaning cloths are awesome. All I need are the cloths and some water for sparkling clean windows. Oh and children who don't wipe their fingers on the clean windows.

We went and saw "The Secret Life of Pets" today and it was cute. Maggie even made it most of the way through the movie. She decided to dance in front of the screen for the last 10 minutes and since there were few people in the theatre, I decided to let her continue.
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