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Week in Review - 7.9.16



This week was a tough one for exercise for me. I've had a lingering cough and I've been exhausted. BUT I still worked out. I did three boot camp classes per my usual routine. The 4th of July one was hilarious with our trainer dressed up in celebration. I also did a barre3 class at the new Ballard location on Tuesday night hosted by Emily of Daily Garnish. I love the light in the new studio and I'm so excited for Kimberley to succeed in her new venture. They open up to the public next week and I can't wait to take some classes.

ClassPass has an awesome offer going on in celebration of their anniversary! Get $30 off your first month no matter what plan you sign up for! I love ClassPass and finding new fitness classes to try. Click here for the great offer!

#100daysofsummer to a beautiful hike to Franklin Falls with my family.

I also went for a hike with my family on Sunday. We headed up to Franklin Falls which is a short hike in Snoqualmie Pass. It's about 1 mile into the beautiful falls and another mile out. It took us two hours due to frequent pit stops. Molly got the chills afterwards and a fever so I think the poor thing was sick on our hike.



On the food front, this week was filled with a bit too much of indulgence and eating out. We took the girls out for Fro-Yo on Saturday and burgers on Monday. On Wednesday, we got cupcakes after haircuts. We're heading out on vacation and I need to reel in the fun. I plan to go grocery shopping when we get to our location and get some healthier meals back into the rotation. On Tuesday, Scott and I went to Costco and loaded up on dry snacks and fruit for the trip so I feel ready to go on the snack front.

#100daysofsummer to swimming lessons!

The Girls

We took this week off daily swim lessons. Molly had two evening lessons but Maggie didn't have any which was good as she wasn't feeling too good earlier in the week.

My niece spent the night on Saturday so I dragged the guest room mattress upstairs and put it between the girl's beds. They had a great night. Maggie was obsessed with the floor mattress so I let her sleep on it all week. On Thursday, I converted her crib to a bed as she showed us she was excited and ready. I put the mattress back downstairs.

#100daysofsummer to summer haircuts! Molly's friend got her first haircut so we went along as support and the girls really needed hair cuts.

The girls got their hair cut on Wednesday afternoon with a friend. I was warned about their chlorinated hair (eep!). We had our Mother's Helper back and she is just the best. The girls love her so much and they have so much fun playing together. I get so much work done. It's a win-win.


Other Goings On

My laundry has recently gotten out of control. I had six baskets of laundry to fold and a yard full of weeds so I opened my neighborly app and got someone over to help out. She folded all our laundry and made a great dent in the weeds. I feel some relief as I did not have the time to take care of these things myself, get my stories written and parent my children.

I also have a heavy heart for all the violence we've experienced in our nation this week. Guns are not the answer. Racism is not the answer. Love is the answer. I'm not sure how to deal with this but I am thinking hard about it.
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