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Week In Review - 10.1.16


It was a rough week. The kids were hyped up and extra hard to deal with. I had a headache all week and was exhausted for no reason. Everything just felt harder than it needed to be. We did on a high note with a visit to TWO fun pumpkin patches which wore the kids out. 



I was able to get in more exercise this week. I started with a FlyBarre class where I accidentally showed up 10 minutes late. Oops! The teacher was amazing and ushered me in. I was positive class was at 7:45 and yet it actually started at 7:30 a.m. FlyBarre is amazing hard and I was thrilled to only have a 35 minute class when my legs started to shake. I also did 3 bootcamp classes this week and a barre3 class with a great instructor this morning. It got sweaty in there! 



I posted my favorite overnight oats recipe this week which has been keeping me fueled. Unfortunately the rest of my diet has been way too full of sugar. I start another Sync Transformation Project on October 8th and I am so ready for accountability. 


In other exciting news, it is SQUASH season. I love fall root vegetables and squash. Just love it! 


While on my sugar binge, I did discover this awesome "Spun Sugar" at Met Market out of San Francisco. It's costly but the fun flavors were a treat for Maggie and I on our Tuesday Day of Adventure. 

The Girls


Molly has been tearing up the soccer field with one practice a week and a game. Maggie likes to kick a soccer ball on the sidelines and is dying to play soccer. We've had some issues with Maggie's dance teacher. She keeps saying that she should be in a toddler class and yet the studio manager thinks she should be fine in her Pre-Ballet class. We're going to try out the studio manager's class on Monday which will mean that I'll be at the dance studio with the girls for two hours on Mondays instead of one BUT if this means success for Maggie, I'm willing to do it. 


I took the girls out for a pumpkin patch adventure on Friday. I needed to get some new photographs for a story I'm updating so we headed out to Snohomish to check out some new-to-us pumpkin patches. It was a blast and we had some apple cider donuts which are always awesome. 


We started a new preschool unit this week based on, "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" and actually found a copy of the book in the Little Free Library outside our preschool. The girls haven't been as into this unit but are really into doing their workbooks. I'm hoping that next week's activities and the ones we've missed will get their excitement back. 

Other Goings On


My garden is still going strong which is crazy since today is OCTOBER 1st! My corn never produced much but it was fun to grow. I'll definitely try it again next year and I'm going to do more squash next year. 

On Wednesday, I did a taping with Seattle Refined for their book club. It airs on October 4th and I can't wait to see the piece. One of my good friend's Mom happened to be at the filming too. It was a banner day and we learned what the next book club selection was early. 

Stories Published

True Life: I went to Mountain Bike Camp and didn't die

I had two stories come out this week and I love both of them! 

True Life: I went to Mountain Bike Camp and didn't die - All about my Mountain Bike experience with the Trek Dirt Series. Short story: It was awesome but my rear is so sore! 

Watch & Learn: Two Seattle Moms Launch Online Parenting Course - Two local parenting experts and Moms have teamed up to launch an online parenting course. This is something all parents need and I'm so excited about it!

Seattle's Child October Edition - I have a few stories in this one.  

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