Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week in Review - 10.22.16


It was a busy and yet not so busy week! I think the end of the week, ramped itself right up. 



I did 5 workouts this week which was awesome! I went to barre3 twice and boot camp three times. I was going to do boot camp this morning but could not get myself to go. I think I needed a morning off from exercise. I'm considering dumping my Class Pass and just buying classes at barre3 since I still love going there BUT I also love classes at community fitness and Inspire so I'm having to think hard about this plan.

My Transformation Program had a talk on Tuesday night which got me pumped for the week! I'm really grateful for Sync Fitness and this program because it is giving me back the spark and energy that I so love.



I these pre-roasted sweet potatoes at Trader Joe's and was super excited about them. They were sadly ok and I think I'd rather take the time to roast my own sweet potatoes.


On Thursday, I finally had the chance to try out Seattle Salads. I had a Lime Peanut salad and it was really good. It was nice to be able to pick up a healthy salad lunch and I wish we had one in my neighborhood.


I also got our organics box but I'm thinking of putting a hold on that too. It's great but you have to eat all the stuff within a few days or it starts to go bad. It's hard to eat that much fruit and veg in such a short time. Ideally that box would last the week but the food goes bad before then so I'm not sure what to do.


I also received my second subscription order of Puget Sound Kombucha! I love getting an assorted box of flavors every other week. Highlight of my week! 

The Girls


The girls were a handful this week. Last weekend was incredibly rainy and windy so we stayed inside and they watched way too much tv. This week we cut it way down and that helped with nighttime sleep a lot. I was telling Scott that our first defense when they get hard to handle might need to be cutting down their screen time. We're pretty good about limiting it but as with everything else in life, sometimes things start to slide and then they are watching too much tv.

Molly's class went to the pumpkin patch on Thursday and at first I was sad that I couldn't go too but it was pouring when they left so I felt a bit better. Maggie stayed late at preschool on Thursday and LOVED it. I think taking a nap at preschool was the highlight of her week!

Other Goings On

Yesterday I was asked to appear on the Seattle Refined show to talk about some of my hottest stories for the week. I loved hanging out in the control room and watching them work. One of the producers is a long-time friend and former co-worker so it was nice seeing her again. I'm in the last few minutes of the show and I had to talk fast!
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