Saturday, October 08, 2016

Week in Review - 10.8.2016


It's been a pretty uninspired week around here. I barely took any photos and feel like I barely did anything. I'm hoping this coming week will change that! I did attend Click Away 2016 which was here in Seattle and came back from Summer Murdock's class super inspired. If you've never heard of her, check out her work! It is seriously amazing!


I did three boot camp classes this week and one cycling class. I had to leave cycling halfway through though as it was not working out for my hip. I also (hooray!) started PT this week for my hips and it is already AMAZING! I could feel relief and know that I'm going to get my hips in better shape. Turns out there are some lazy muscles slacking off and we need to get them working again.



Next week I start my Transformation program with Sync Fitness so this week was filled with sugar, sugar and some caffeine. I won't apologize for my poor eating but I do know that Monday and Tuesday are going to be a wee bit difficult for me.

The Girls

Project 52 - Week 30

The girls had a pretty normal week. They had a babysitter all day on Friday and told me that they had a great time. I used back-up care through Scott's work and feel so grateful for that option. It allows me to attend conferences or do NICU photoshoots when the girls aren't in preschool without hunting for a sitter. 

Other Goings On


My friend, Meg LOVES The Gilmore Girls and wanted to check out the Luke's Cafe promotion when it came to town. I agreed to meet her even though I had not seen a single episode before Wednesday. The line was insane! We got there at 6:50 and the place opened at 7 a.m. The line was around the block so we bailed and had a nice coffee date at Starbucks. I started watching The Gilmore Girls on Wednesday afternoon and am now a bit obsessed.

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