Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monthly Goal Check-In (April)


I seriously can't believe April is over. I feel like this year is just speeding up and I'm running as fast as I can to stay next to the out of control train. I did ok on my goals this month but did not make as great of progress as I would have liked. 

2017 Goals

1. Workout 217 times in 2017 - I worked out 15 times in April. I'm at 79 workouts with 138 more workouts to complete this year. I need to do 4.3 workouts a week to accomplish this goal. 

2. Participate in the Year of Creativity - April was about being Vulnerable which is something I am TERRIBLE at. I did spend time writing in my journal every night and followed a lot of the writing prompts. I did have trouble with re-telling my birth story. I do not have any lingering trauma regarding my daughter's births. I feel they happened as they should have and the scars left on my body tell that tale. They do not necessarily make me vulnerable and in that realization, I am vulnerable. It's something I want to explore more. 

3. Shoot one roll of film a month - I shot some film but need to get it processed. Sadly processing is my roadblock. 

4. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I worked a bit more on my Blocking Report research but need to step it up with this goal. 

5. Finish my Miter Square Blanket - Again, I didn't knit any of my squares this month. 

6. Read 52 books. - I read 5 books this month. This means I have 33 books to read this year and 19 under my belt. I've been struggling to read lately but my kids have not been sleeping and I usually read before bed. 

7. Finish up various House Projects - We selected our contractor and architect so I feel like the basement remodel is on the way. I also selected colors for the kitchen and bathroom which need to be repainted.

8. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - I'm still gathering my images but slowly making progress on this goal. 

9. Become more politically active and work to be the change in my community - I finished up another cross stitch for my acupuncturist's political donation and called/wrote my senators. 

10. Learn how to make a really good stock  I'm counting this goal has being done! 

Bonus Goal: Grow two new crops in my garden and add some chickens to my flock. These are done! I added two chickens and planted some new crops. We'll see how they do! 
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