Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week in Review 5.21.17

1:20 pm Time for scooting and visiting the chickens #yocdayinthelife

This was a great exercise week which made me very happy. I love working out hard. I also spent too much time cleaning and I'm making plans on that front as it is a source of constant irritation.

6:01 pm SHIFT class with the amazing @srosebernhardt at @thegrinningyogi #yocdayinthelife #yesididtwoexerciseclassestoday #thatisnotnormal


I may not have achieved my goals last week but this week, I surpassed them! I got in SEVEN (7) workouts and yes, I am so sore. I went to boot camp three times and did the damn hill for the first time which led to sore calves. I took a SHIFT class at Grinning Yogi on Wednesday night with a friend and still love it. It was extra intense since it was my second workout of the day. On Thursday, I went to a Body27 class at Breath, Body and Soul with the same friend. I loved this class. It's a boot camp style circuit where you do each exercise for 1 minute, three times. So awesome! On Saturday, I took a barre3 class from one of my favorite instructors. Afterwards Molly announced that we needed to go on a family walk/bike ride. We packed up the kid's bikes, scooters and stroller and headed to Green Lake. Molly pedaled her bike almost 3/4 of the way around and then walked the rest. Maggie scooted a good portion of the lake but also road in the stroller a lot. I'm excited about the change in weather and am looking forward to many more Greenlake walks with the kids. Saturday was Goal Day 2017 with Fitbit and due to our Greenlake walk, I got in over 15,000 steps! It was a banner day.



Food was kinda boring this week. I tested some cold brews for an article and slogged through the week. I'm excited about all the summer produce that is starting up though. I harvested some radishes and planted more because I LOVE them. So good!


I noticed that when I made my May plans that I left out a week so I had to do some planning for the coming week. I laughed so hard when I discovered my mistake. 


The Girls

The girl's sleep is slowly starting to improve but they are exhausted and acting out. Molly was so grumpy at the beach with her friend on Friday. They were really just nudging each other the wrong way.


I've been working hard to get back to our Peaceful Preschool learnings. Maggie's teachers say they can defiantly see an improvement in her behavior when we are doing it. That is a great thing to me especially since Maggie's activity teachers have noticed some stubborn behavior related to not wanting to follow the rules. 


Other Goings On

I got the patio cleared off and cleaned off the furniture. I tried to pressure wash it but we need a new part for our pressure washer. I expect to be back in business by Wednesday. There is some pretty gnarly moss on our patio this year from our record 144-days of rain.

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