Saturday, May 06, 2017

Week in Review 5.6.17


The SUN is out so I am UP! Seriously the sun has shone more this week than the previous three months and I am feeling so much more alive! I have more bounce in my step and more excitement in my heart.



I set a goal for 5 workouts this week and as of this morning, I smashed it. I did three boot camp sessions, a fun cycling class at CityCycle Seattle which opened this week and a Shift class at Grinning Yogi. Shift is a class I love to hate. It's a combination of barre, boot camp and yoga. It's awesomely hard. There is literally sweat pouring down my body and I LOVE IT! The CityCycle class was so much fun with the flashing lights and the great energy of the instructor. I just wish they were on ClassPass so I could afford to go more often. It felt good to get in 5 workouts. It was hard to push myself to get to the class this morning but I'm so glad I did. I have 5 workouts scheduled for next week and I can't wait to crush them.



I'm working on a story about CSAs so I've been getting so many vegetable deliveries and eating them like mad. I'm also doing a story on Cold Brew so I've been sipping on refreshing coffee drinks around town.

We are also trying out Smith Bros milk deliveries. We start up this week so I'll report back next week. They offer other foods than just milk and hooked me with their Tony Cold Brew. I had one sip and asked where to sign up for deliveries. I like that they don't have a delivery minimum and offer really fresh dairy products.

I also started back on my monthly meal plans. Here is the link to our May Meals. I'm really excited about this month's meals.

The Girls

We've been having major sleep issues this week. Scott and I are hoping it is a developmental thing and not some crazy demonic possession. The girls were so terrible on Wednesday night that after many hours, we took away tv for Thursday. It actually worked out out but on Friday, they attempted to binge on it.

Maggie had a playdate on Thursday which she loved. I realized that she doesn't really get many playdates like Molly does so I need to work on making that happen. The girls also did an experiment at the UW on Friday and had a great time with it. We are working on teaching Molly our address and she is almost there, she always leaves off the street number. Ha! Next up is teaching her my phone number. Any tips?


Other Goings On

As I said at the beginning the sun is out! This means the chickens are getting more roaming time. The new chickens are slowly integrating. There are still a few pecks and squawks but all seems to be going ok. One of the hens got a bit broody yesterday but moved along when I took away the eggs. I'm planning for summer over here and got the girls signed up for outdoor swim lessons in June.


Stories Published 

I did a filming with Seattle Refined on where to find the best doughnut in Seattle and it posted this week! We had such a fun time doing this!
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