Friday, December 01, 2017

Monthly Goal Check-In (November)


I always forget how busy this time of year gets with birthday celebrations, holiday traditions and all the fun that comes with the jolly season. I'm already looking forward to some quiet in the new year and new goals! 

2017 Goals

1. Workout 217 times in 2017 - I worked out 17 times in November. I'm at 216 workouts with 1 more workout to complete this year. I'm pretty confident that I'll get this done. 

2. Participate in the Year of Creativity -  We worked on gratitude this month which is always such a nice theme. I'll admit to must being too busy for much gratitude though. It's always hard for me in November to slow down right when the celebrating is just getting started, though I do enjoy the reminder. We have one more month left in the YOC! 

3. Shoot one roll of film a month - Not done. I'm ok with that. I think the whole getting the film processed as a HUGE stumbling block for me. 

4. Complete TKGA Master Knitting Level I - I slowed down on my swatching as I needed to work on the girl's birthday sweaters. I'm still working on this though. 

5. Finish my Miter Square Blanket - Let's just not talk about this, ok?

6. Read 52 books. - I read 4 books this month. This means I have 4 books to read this year and 47 under my belt. I never got around to recapping my books from October so look for a dual October/November book post soon. 

7. Finish up various House Projects - I finally painted the kitchen this month! FINALLY! It felt good to get that done. I think I'll claim this goal as complete for 2017. There are always more house projects to do and next year, my goals on this will be more specific. 

8. Catch up on my yearly photo books of the girls - I am so far behind on this. GAH! This will be a repeat goal next year. 

9. Become more politically active and work to be the change in my community. - I'm also counting this as done. I've been more politically active even if I haven't been as much as I would like to be. 

10. Learn how to make a really good stock 

Bonus Goal: Grow two new crops in my garden and add some chickens to my flock. 
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