Saturday, December 30, 2017

Week in Review 12.30.17


It's almost the last day of 2017! We had a very quiet week which started with snow on Christmas Eve and ended with major cleaning of our basement. Scott was off work this week which meant we just flowed through the week. It was something we all needed as Molly and I recovered from being sick, Maggie was Maggie and Scott was able to relax. 



I got in 1 
workout this week- one barre3 class. I had to be forced into my workout. Luckily, my friends like to work out with me and asked me to work out with me. It was nice to take a break though as I think we all need a break at times. I'm ready to get back to it next week though and have already scheduled all my workouts. I'm also considering doing B3 All In with modifications on the workouts (because I love my boot camp too much!) but I'm not sure I want to do the prescribed food plan which excludes gluten and COFFEE! It's the coffee thing. 



We overindulged this week on food and about halfway through my body was crying out for more vegetables. I've started making simpler meals and finding them to be great. I made a sheet pan dinner the other night and was quite pleased with the easy clean-up and delicious meal. I'll be making more of these! 


The Girls

The girls loved playing in the snow and wearing pajamas most of the week. We also hit up Playdate SEA one day to get some wiggles out. While the parking in that area is the pits, the girls LOVE Playdate SEA and are finally at an age where I can just sit at a table and knit while they run around. 

Maggie had her 4 year old well check and except for the shots, she thought it was great. Her doctor said she was healthy and sent us on our way. She did say that Maggie needs to watch less tv but honestly I don't think an hour a day is bad. *sigh* 


Other Goings On

I also embarked on a LEGO organization system. It's been driving both Molly and I nuts to have the LEGOs just jumbled in a cabinet. I'm keeping it simple by organizing like colors into plastic shoeboxes. I know I'll be doing this again but so far, Molly is playing with her legos even more. I also love looking at the colors all organized. 

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