Monday, December 11, 2017

Read, Want, Need, Wear Gift Guide - The 4 and 6 Year Old Edition


When Molly was born, I quickly realized that stuff was going to get out of control unless we were mindful about gifts. Molly was born on Thanksgiving Day so that first Christmas was an abundant crazy gift time. We were excited to have her and wanted to pile on the presents! Her second year I heard about the Read, Want, Need, Wear gifting idea. Basically you give a gift in each category so more thoughtful gifts are given. I will admit that sometimes (OK A LOT) we have troubles just giving one gift in each category. Here is the ReeBecki Supergirl gift guide to help you give great gifts for everyone in your family!



This is possibly my favorite category and the one where I end up buying WAY more than one book. I can't help myself. I do not believe that children can have too many books.

Last Stop on Market Street was our elementary school book of the month for November. The girls LOVE it so I made sure to get a copy for ourselves. The book tells the story of a boy and his Grandmother taking the bus after church to the Last Stop on Market Street.

We found Cookiesaurus Rex at the library and have been renewing it for weeks. Maggie insists on having us read it to her at least twice a day. It is an adorable book and I've gotten Maggie a copy for her birthday.

Molly's school had a book fair recently and I picked up a copy of Night Animals which I am so excited about. It's about animals who live in the night and has amazing pictures.

I'm also continuing our book subscription to Bookroo! Along with their board book and picture book offerings, they are now testing a junior box for 7-10 year olds. I ordered one for Molly to check out because she is really into chapter books. She's not quite reading them yet but always asks for them and then will spend hours with them. I figure that is a win! The girls get so excited when our monthly book box comes. Sign up with Bookroo using my link -



Maggie has been asking for a Waterpark for Christmas. I showed her the Lego & Friends Heartlake Summer Pool and her eyes lit up. She claims this is what she means as a waterpark. She has also been asking for a real RV or Minivan but she is so not getting one of those. I mean, she can't even drive. 

We are HUGE Picasso Tile fans in this house and love building things. The Picasso Tiles are way cheaper than the more popular Magna-tiles so my kids get more tiles to play with which is a big win in their eyes. 

Molly could spend her days drawing and then dressing up in new outfits. These Fashion Plates are sure to be a hit! I'm hoping they keep her quietly occupied. 

I'm not even quite sure what these are but Fingerlings are the hottest toy this year and I was lucky enough to snag two for each of the girls. 

Maggie asked for a Ferry Boat so I got her one from Green Toys. I love how sturdy these toys are and I especially love how they are made from recycled materials. 

Molly keeps telling people that we are getting a dog once it is winter so I decided to get her a robot dog. She is not going to be happy that we are not getting a real dog this year but hopefully will love her new robotic dog



I realized the other day that Molly doesn't know how to tie her shoes because I have yet to buy her shoes with laces. I bought her a gift card to Nordstrom so we can go and pick out shoes with laces for her and then I can teach her how to tie her shoes. This is a necessary skills.

Maggie's rain boots are falling apart so Scott found some awesome Mermaid Boots for her. Hopefully these will keep her feet nice and dry in the rain puddles.

Maggie is working to learn her ABCs so I found this fun flashcard set on a ring for her.  I love that one side has a picture and the letter while the other side just has a letter.

We love doing puzzles in our house and need to learn our states better so I ordered a Map of the USA puzzle for everyone to do together.


The girls start ski lessons in January so we got them some new winter coats from Lands End. Hopefully they will keep them warm as they learn how to ski!

These Unicorn Socks are going in their stockings along with some new underwear.

I also knit them sweaters each year for their birthdays and I'm almost done with Molly's. I'm only a few weeks late with it but she has been patient and is excited for her new sweater.
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