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Week in Review 12.2.17


I spent this week getting a lot of work done and slowly returning the house to normal. I still have a lot of cleaning and picking up to do but my work is almost complete. I may have taken on a bit more work than normal which is fine but requires dedicated time. I'm planning to take a few weeks off around Christmas so sometimes you have to work now to play later. 



I got in 5 
workouts this week-  three boot camp classes, a barre3 class and one really hard, I thought I was going to die Studio 45 Megaformer class. I took the Studio 45 class on Wednesday and was still in so much pain when I hit up boot camp on Friday. I also hit my 217th workout on Friday, thus completing one of my 2017 goals!  I plan to keep up my workouts but I like knowing that I've safely completed my goal.  


I have practically nothing to say about food this week. We finished up the Thanksgiving leftovers. I froze most of the turkey meat. I didn't go grocery shopping yet our fridge is packed. We ate food. It was good. I continued to make lunches for Molly. 


The Girls

Molly had her well-check on Wednesday and our doctor talked to her about eating vegetables. It was fantastic because she is now trying vegetables again. They talked about eating hummus so we are going to make some this weekend for her school lunches. Then she can dip her vegetables in the hummus for extra yum! 


We did a lot of Advent Activities this week and had fun exploring. We hit up Swanson's to check out the train and reindeers. We ran into a school friend of Molly's which was so much fun! I tried to snap a few fun photos but as you can see above, that did not work out. Ha!


Other Goings On

I got a new warm coat this week from Lands' End and I love it! Scott keeps asking me if I'm going to Hoth but I'm ignoring him because I am so WARM! 

Otherwise, it has been a busy, quiet, normal week around here. I'm looking forward to getting the last of my articles written for the year next week and getting into the holiday spirit!


Stories Published

Seattle Refined: Rocket Crossfit is not your average Cross fit gym

Seattle's Child December Issue is out! I wrote both the SHOP and ROMP columns this month. 

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