Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Cookie Wookie

I've been dilgently working along on my Sitcom Chic Cardigan but miles of St St do not make for fascintating blog photos! Still I'll show you what I have:

I do however have more interesting photos. I just started cat sitting a sweet kitty, named Cookie (and I now call Cookie Wookie). This morning I spent many minutes trying to capture her on film but all she wanted was to be let outside (which is why the pictures have a bit of a blur -- she kept moving to the door everytime she saw me).

Cookie is not happy that I am not letting her outside.

She's a sweet kitty but one who will let you know if she's had enough petting. She's very helpful with knitting too!

So tonight plans are for Sitcom Chic and I to get some repeats in while I get my car oil changed and then for Wookie and I to sit together while I get some spanish homework done. Sounds like a great plan to me!
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