Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today a very special friend turns 30 and with it comes the realization that I've known her more than half her life. She is one of the brightest and most talented people I know. She can diagnose a disease from a mile away while talking to people in three different languages.

She allows me to talk endlessly about knitting, life and her favorite topic, TRAFFIC! She hates when I call her in the wee early hours but giggles when I tell her why I called (usually to talk about traffic).

She loves going out on Pub Crawls and exploring new restaurants. If there is something new going on in town, Mot has already found out about it in the Stranger and has recruited everyone to attend with her.

She encourages my love of photography and endures all the photos I make her take of our faces together.

She enjoys visiting all the dogs I watch and especially loves the Yip-Yips. She's growled with Roux and sprinted up hills with Zubin. She goes running with me and slows down her pace so we can talk. She makes me try new things and is there for me when something bad happens and is first in line to celebrate the good.

So Happy Birthday Matya! I hope you have a grand day and I know it was made better because I woke you up to sing Happy Birthday! (I know you loved it!)

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