Thursday, May 12, 2005
There is an emergency in the building

My building must have the most fire drills in the world. Two or three times a month, we hear sirens and a woman's voice announcing, "There is an emergency in the building. Please exit the building. Do not use the elevators." This morning, shortly after I arrived in the office, we had our second of the month.

We grudgingly grab our bags and head down the cement stairs to the street. We have to move away from the building and so the people in charge have decided that our building should re-group in the adjacent parking lot. The one that houses a sex shop and a strange restaurant that appears to change names and themes about as often as we have fire drills. Today the faint aroma of fish was present in the air and the skies threatened rain. Some people had grabbed their laptops and were frantically working in the parking lot while others took the opportunity to gossip with co-workers. After about 30 minutes, we were allowed back into the building. Some rushed up the stairs while others waited for the elevators. Now I'm back at my desk, waiting for the next fire drill.
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