Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Cookie Evening

Last night after leaving work, I had great plans for myself. I was going to run a few pesky errands, workout, knit on my sitcom chic and finish my Espanol homework.

Instead after one errand (dropping off my shoes for repair), I was struck with a massive headache. I did manage one more errand (stopping by the car dealer for touch-up paint that they did not have) before admitting defeat and heading home. Cookie was excited to see me and quickly jumped into my lap for scratches.

Cookie let me know that she was not pleased with the rainy weather and made a point to tell me through the night. (I secretly like the rain!)

I did manage to get most of my Espanol homework complete before admitting defeat to the headache and going to bed. Unfortunately the darn thing was still with me this morning but a few advil later, I'm feeling better. Tonight! Sitcom Chic is sooooo being knitted on! Headache or not! (famous last words?)
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