Sunday, June 05, 2005
Dulaan Knit-In

Yesterday Ryan and TMK hosted a "Dulaan Knit-In" party. I was amazed at the level of donations gathered at just that one party!

Mary has knit over 45 items and though she mentioned some stiff competition from a Vermont blogger, I was quietly astounded at all her work. OK so I wasn't quiet BUT STIll I was astounded! I mean 45 items! She's a Dulaan GODDESS! I bow to her glory.

In between being amazed at my fellow knitters, I donated a few items of my own

and cast on and knitted a hat while enjoying yummy food and great knitters!

I even caught Frankie modeling a Dulaan hat with Ryan!

I had such a great afternoon knitting for people who will really appreciate the warmth of knitted garments, spending time laughing with Karen, June, Kit and Mary B. TMK said we were at the trouble makers table.

And I finally figured out the mystery of the felted blankets! I just couldn't understand why all these people were buying pieces of felt and cutting them up when in my mind, all they needed to do was cut a simple square. WELL yesterday I saw a finished one and it had TWO pieces of felt put together. That's what all the tying if for! It was a lightbulb moment. Well a dim one for a dim knitter!

Tomorrow, start of the new job! Wish me luck!
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