Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Things that I wonder about...

Why the lady at the yarn shop told me that alpaca was wool. Since when did alpaca come from sheep? I thought alpaca yarn came from strangely enough; alpacas and that wool yarn came from sheep.

Why people feel the need to honk at you when the car in front of you moves 3 inches and you don’t creep up to kiss its bumper. Come on people! Its 3 inches! Is that really going to get us there any faster?

What is up with Seattle weather? The calendar reads Summer but outside looks like cold, wintry spring!

And finally...

How is it possible that my baby brother turns 29 today! Wasn’t he just a little brat that bugged me when we were in junior high? And now he owns a house and is married? Whoa! This age thing is creeping up on us!

Happy Birthday Little Brother!
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