Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm dog/cat/house sitting again this week for a local spinner and knitter that I met through Ryan at some knitting party. Hey! Speaking of Ryan, did you see the total number of Dulaan donations? Did ya? 3,507 items! I am AMAZED! WOW! Oh so yes, I'm housesitting and the pets are really nice though I did just catch one of the cat's trying to steal the other cat's food!

I've got a lot on my plate this week and I need sleep! Julie and I are in our Prep Week 1 for our Olympic Tri training so tonight is the dreaded hill repeats. That is when you ride your bike up and down the same hill in an attempt to build strength. They are hard but very beneficial.

I also started Spanish up again and my Aunt is getting married on Saturday so I need to find a present for that. Not sure what to get but I'm sure some ideas will come to mind.

Cupcakes! Tomorrow (or possibly tonight depending on my mood) I will post the Smores cupcake recipe! Kate -- I am trying to figure out how one would ship those to Paris! Give me time, I'm crafty!

OK and so I'm off. Sorry for the random string in this post but hey! It's my blog and I feel random!
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