Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Knitting the Knitster

Last night I finally made it to PurlyGirls for some time with the ladies. I had a great time. I saw Jessica's newest creation (and proudly took the photo for her blog), I shared dating horror stories, heard dating horror stories, laughed like there was no tomorrow and hey actually did some knitting! I even had an epipany!

After complaining for years about my left shoulder pain, I finally figured out the cause of it. I don't have the cure but I can share an important lesson. Should you ever shower with a member of the opposite sex and should that person slip in the shower, don't attempt to catch them with one arm. Your shoulder will be screwed up FOREVER! Just a lesson I finally learned after way too many years (which does lead to the question as to why I took over 7 years to figure out the cause of my shoulder pain!).

Yep, I've learned my lesson though I wonder if the statue of limitations is expired on that one?

Oh and PS I learned from Jessica that some men do have an expiration date. DING!
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