Friday, November 11, 2005
A Special Kind of Run

Last night, Mot and I went for a long-ish run. I needed to cover 5 miles but settled for 4.5 miles. We headed up to Queen Anne so we could run one of my favorite loops which offers spectacular views. We started down the dark road and quickly fell into a rhythm. As our feet pounded along the pavement, I felt my heart soaring. I've been battling the winter doldrums and running is my medicine. We looped around past the large homes and across the bridge that transverses a large ravine. We sprinted across Queen Anne Avenue and up McGraw Avenue where we broke off and headed toward the cemetery. All this time, Mot and I were cracking jokes and I made sure that Thriller was playing on my MP3 player as we went past the cemetery. I also made sure to sing PYT to Mot while doing a dance. I know she loved seeing my moves!

Before we knew it, we had headed into the final leg of our run. The one that reminds me of the Royal Promenade in Bath, England. The path that overlooks Elliot Bay and offers up the most spectacular view of Seattle. As we ran down the road, past Kerry Park, I was astounded to find out that we had been running for almost an hour. I could have sworn we had only been out there for 20 minutes. Now those are the days I love to run!

I don't know what it was but after running last night and drinking some beer to celebrate Mot's Paper, my winter doldrums have vanished! I must say though that there was no knitting to speak of last night, I was simply too tired and went to bed early. A girl needs her beauty sleep!
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