Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Warm chocolate cupcakes bake in the oven. The scent of rosebuds drifts in from the yard on this sizzling spring day. It’s barely 9 a.m. and the temperature is already in the 80s.

“Today will be hot”, she thinks as she sizes up the cupcakes. Will the chocolate melt before she can get these delivered to her inappropriate crush? The chocolate chips are already beginning their oozing slide into chocolate sauce after lying on the countertop much too long.

A wave of heat sweeps through the kitchen as she pulls the cupcakes from the oven. The chocolate slowly dribbles down the sides of the cooking pan. She determines the cupcakes are just right and promptly puts them on a cooling rack.

Now it’s time for the frosting. Chocolate cupcakes call out for chocolate icing but she’s thinking of trying something slightly different. Something that will catch the taste buds of the person she is trying to impress. Maybe a chocolate cream cheese frosting, it would certainly give those melting chocolate chips something to do instead of continuing their slide into oblivion. The beaters whirl in the large mixing bowl as the frosting is made. It’s so hot though that the heat is melting the butter and cream cheese almost as fast as she can whip them together.

Sweat drips from her brow and she wipes at it with a dish towel. She doesn’t have the energy for much else. Right now her energy must be directed toward making a frosting that shows her inappropriate crush all the inappropriate feelings she has for him.

She frosts the cakes and places each one into the cupcake holder she purchased especially for this occasion. She’s been planning her cupcake flirt attack for months and tomorrow is implementation day. Steam rises from each cake and little droplets begin to form on the frosting.

She quickly opens the fridge to cool the cupcakes and spends a few moments positioned in front of the fridge cooling off. She gently places the cupcakes in the fridge and puts a post-it on the door to remind her to bring the chocolate cupcakes to her crush the next day.

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