Thursday, April 27, 2006
The Knitting Blackhole

I've been knitting this hat for the Dulaan Project and after hours and hours of knitting, it refuses to be any longer than 4". I'll sit and knit for a few hours and then whip out my tape measure to see if the hat has reached the magical length of 5" to discover that the hat has now shrunk to 3 3/4" in length.

So I'll knit some more and whip out the tape measure again, now it is 4". I'll knit and knit and knit while watching television to discover that the darn hat is still ONLY 4". I curse the hat. I throw down my needles in anger to pick them back up and begin knitting again. I complete one row. I whip out my tape measure, hands shaking to measure again when the hat magically measures 5" as it if knows that I'm about to go over the edge.

Now the hat is ready for decreases as long as it stays the proper length, I think I can handle it, otherwise the hat will have some explaining to do!
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