Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Kitty Tales

On Monday night I skipped swimming and went to my Feral Knitting Group. I love seeing those ladies and the knitting was so much fun. I headed home around 9 p.m. with an intent to go to bed early since I had stayed up much too late the night before.

I run through the door and put my stuff away. My Mom tells me that there is a vistor in the backyard. I think that the racoons have returned for their yearly plum pilgramage. I look out to investigate.

The fiece racoon turns out to be a little kitten, maybe 8 months old. I take some time and with great patience catch it. Once I catch it, I'm not sure what to do so I take it around to a few neighors homes. No-one knows who the kitten belongs to.

I take the kitten into the house and my cat goes crazy. Destiny is frothing at the mouth and spitting. The kitten's little heart is pounding. Destiny is so crazed so the kitten can not stay in the house at night. I put the kitten back outside with heavy heart but she has chairs to sleep on and food outside so I know she will be just fine.

At 3 a.m., Destiny goes crazy and I hear a kitten crying outside my bedroom window (which is on the second floor). I look out and the kitten is right there on the ROOF. I can't get the screen off to get her off the roof so I wake my parents at 3 a.m. (I'm the best daughter). She disappears once my Dad gets up and eveyone goes back to bed. At 3:45 a.m. the kitten begins launching herself at my window. I try to ignore her since I can't get the window open and she obviously got up there on her own and needs to get down on her own.

In the morning, I peer out to the back deck and the kitten is out there crying. I wish I could take her in but Destiny can't handle it and she was here first.

I'm sure each animal spent yesterday day staring at the other from their respective sides of the sliding glass door. When I arrived home on Tuesday evening, the kitten was no where to be found and Destiny made busy patrolling the backyard. I hope the kitten has found its way back home.
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