Saturday, July 22, 2006
Masterly Knitting

Now I've gone and done it! I've added another project to my already long list of projects. I've signed up for the TKGA Master Knitting Program Level 1 course. This is also one of my 31 in 31 goals.

I spent the past weekend highlighting the instructions and gathering potential yarns for my swatches. By mid-Saturday, the dining room table was looking a bit like a yarn school!

I gathered my yarns on started Swatch #1 which I plan to do in all three yarns before making a final yarn selection for this program. I don't want to have to re-do any swatches due to my yarn selection. I don't want to re-do any swatches period but I'd rather it be due to my knitting than the yarn. I have selected cream as the yarn color since the packet clearly states that lightly colored yarn must be used. I figure you can't go any lighter than cream!

Yarns in the running are:

1) Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight
2) Peace Fleece Worsted Weight
3) Cascade 220
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