Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Finito Suéter Verde

Last night I finally finished the Manteau Maillane Sweater which has been giving me fits for the last two months.

Shortly after casting off, I looked around for a victim to model the finished sweater for me since I have no patience to wait for an actual baby to model said finished product! Unfortunately for Hugo, he was nearby and almost the right size!

Hugo Models

You'll notice that his legs are stick straight out as he trys to pretend that I have not shamed him by dressing him in baby clothing. Oh but I have!

Hugo in Baby Sweater

Right after this photo session, the sweater was dunked in soap and laid out to dry. Clean baby clothes are only proper when gifting! Now for the said part of this story, since I took so long to finish this sweater, it no longer fits the intended baby but no worries, I have another baby in the loop that will fit this next fall when the weather turns. Baby J! You are going to look so cute in this!
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