Monday, May 21, 2007
TKGA Master Knitting Check In

When we last spoke about my TKGA Master Knitting I Program, I was in pure panic mode. It is amazing what a few days does for the psyche. Oh! and good knitting friends!

After I posted my schedule, Ginger wrote and said, "I'll see you on Sunday with Swatches #9 and #10." Now last week was a busy one and I was panicked that I wouldn't be able to get my sh*t together but I was more panicked that I'd let Ginger down and not have my swatches. So I SWATCHED!

I marched into Village Yarn & Tea at 10:08 a.m. (I was running late because I needed coffee...lots and lots of coffee!) on Saturday and slapped swatched #9 and #10 down. Then I proceeded to sit down next to Ginger, drink my coffee, swatch #11 and #12 before drinking some tea (I really needed that caffine).

On Sunday, I completed swatch #13 which leaves really ahead of schedule! I plan to finish up swatch #14 and #15 this week and #16 by the end of Memorial Day weekend (Hey it's a three day weekend and I am going leaving town so I may as well KNIT!)

Here is my new revised non-panic plan. It's a good one.

Week of May 21st -- Knit Swatch #14, #15 and #16
Week of May 28th -- Review ALL Swatches and reknit any necessary swatches
Week of June 11th -- Answer TKGA questions
Week of June 18th -- Write Blocking Report
Week of June 25th -- Assemble TKGA packet in notebook,
July 1, 2007 -- Mail out Master Knitter I program and FREAK out because it is not RIGHT!

Whew! I feel better now....much calmer...
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