Tuesday, May 29, 2007
TKGA Master Knitting Check-In

TKGA Swatches

This past weekend, I completed the knitting for my TKGA Swatches. I still need to re-do a few swatches but rather than do more actual knitting, I decided it was time to start blocking the "approved" swatches.

In order to block my swatches, I decided that I needed a more structured blocking system that pining things to my floral armchair. So I headed over to JoAnn's on Sunday and found a small quilt blocking board which is working for my swatch blocking. It is great because it is small and CHEAP!

Getting ready for TKGA turn in

The Schedule!
Week of May 28th -- Review ALL Swatches and reknit any necessary swatches
Week of June 11th -- Answer TKGA questions
Week of June 18th -- Write Blocking Report
Week of June 25th -- Assemble TKGA packet in notebook
July 1, 2007 -- Mail out Master Knitter I program notebook
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