Wednesday, May 09, 2007
In Need of Relaxation

May 8, 2007

The last few months have been full of social engagements, an intense workload, new people, obligations, dogs and very little relaxing. I'm not actually very good at relaxing so that hasn't been too big of a problem for me. The problem is that my "relaxing" time is when I knit, write, take photographs and come up with new ways to express my creativity and there just hasn't been adaquate time for all of those creative outlets. One thing I have been doing though is taking photographs -- lots and lots of photographs.

Pots Diptych

I realized last night that we are entering the time of the year when I stop knitting so damn much and start spending more time outside. And now that I have my Nikon D80, that means spending time taking more photographs while also taking time to partake in outside activity. I do love biking and running in the Spring and Summer. Winter always drains the desire to bike and run right out of me but Spring always brings back the want.

May 4, 2007

I'm not however neglecting the knitting. In fact, just this morning I cast on for a new project. One I've been contemplating for a long time.

For one day, this...

Alterknit Shawl Scarf

will become this...

Image from

I can already feel my relaxation time coming back to me.
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