Sunday, May 13, 2007
Sunday Scribblings -- Second Chance

She should have given him that second chance. She often wondered what would have happened if she had given him a second chance instead of striking him down after one meeting over coffee. Would he have taken her to faraway lands? Would they have children now? Would he have broken her heart after three dinner dates?

The opportunity for a second chance can be barely noticeable but should be quickly grabbed when offered. Second chances are like second dates, sometimes regretted, sometimes enjoyed. One doesn’t know until they are offered the second chance.

He offered her that second chance when he asked her out for the second time but fear gripped her throat causing her to croak out a "No" in response to his question. Moments later she regretted her words but he had already hung up the phone. Calling back would have taken more courage than she had in that moment.

Now years later, she sits in traffic and thinks about him. What he is doing, where he lives, whether or not he's married with little ones and pets. She'll never know though since she threw her second chance away when he asked her out on that second date. She vows then and there to never throw another second chance away like that.

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