Monday, May 14, 2007
TKGA Master Knitter I Freakout

Last July, I ordered the TKGA Master Knitter I Correspondence Course and set about becoming obsessed. As time wore on, my obsessions moved on to other knitterly items.

Today, however, I realized that I have a serious deadline here! I need to get my packet into TKGA by July 10th!

So I went through my emails etc and it looks like I got my TKGA stuff on 7/10/06 which puts me on SERIOUS deadline here. I must get this done by 7/1/07!

I need to get this in before the year is up since TKGA altered the program after I ordered it. If I don't get this in before a year is up, I need to use the new program which has different requirements.

As of right now I have knit Swatches #1 through #8.

In pure Supergirl panic mode, here is my you think I can do it?

Week of May 14th -- Knit Swatch #9 and #10
Week of May 21st -- Knit Swatch #11 and #12
Week of May 28th -- Knit Swatch #13, #14 and #15
Week of June 4th -- Knit Swatch #16 and review ALL Swatches
Week of June 11th -- Answer TKGA questions and reknit any necessary swatches
Week of June 18th -- Write Blocking Report
Week of June 25th -- Assemble TKGA packet in notebook, try not to become Martha Stewart.
July 1, 2007 -- Mail out Master Knitter I program and FREAK out because it is not RIGHT!
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